The Pitiful Padres: A Fable of the Fathers
Straight Cash-ner

Boss. That about sums up Andrew Cashner’s start against the Astros today.

In his second start of the year, first real start without a small pitch count, Cashner came up big going 6 1/3 while allowing 2 hits, 2 runs, one walk, and oh yeah, he fanned 9 in 107 pitches in the no decision.

While all that is being said, Cashner actually had a no-hitter going into the 7th before being spoiled by a Carlos Lee single and a Bogusevic home run. As all Padre fans know by now, the team has never accomplished the tough feat in team history, so curse your 3 hits Houston!

With the shaky pitching situation the Padres have and what feels like an injury and new starting pitcher every 3rd game, it was a pleasant surprise getting help from the inside and having Cashner be dominate in his first real start. He was in command of his pitches, he was fairly efficient and he was accurate and limited base runners. Basically, the recipe for success as a pitcher.

Another surprising note is that the Padres saved what would have been a Cashner loss with an actual 9th inning rally. Sure, Astro fans can make the argument that 5 of the runs we’re unearned, but the Padres really needed all the help they could get. And help they got from the most unlikely of heroes in Alexi Amarista who belted his first career grand slam that gave the Padre the lead and decided the game. Luck? Good timing? I’ll go with both, but seeing any home run from a Padre player is a blessing (yes, I see you Chase Headley. You must have been reading my blog).

Other interesting notes I would like to point out is that Will “The Thrill” Venable and Cameron Maybin didn’t start, although Maybin pinch ran and scored a run in the 9th. I hope this is a trend for the Padres as using Maybin as a bench guy, but that is another can of worms.

Lastly, I would like to pat myself on the back and say Hundley went 0-3 while Baker went 1-1 with a double. Am I a blogger or a fortune teller?

Overall, it was nice to see a split in Houston and good luck in Coors Field. May the air be light and the bats be hot.

Go Padres!

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